To Every Fan: General Hospital

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Entertainment
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Good afternoon GHers!

Since this will be my 1st General Hopital blog post, I want to just address any struggling gh or daytime fan out there. Where shall I begin?

When I or others post nagging posts on message boards, I frequently see people say that if you don’t like it, don’t watch. But in my opinion, if you watch this show and see invested in it, you have the right to rant. But I would like to suggest something a little more productive. Or at least potentially so. Type or write out your rant, pick out the most calm, rational, and logical thoughts, and send them to the soap mags, or the folks at gh and ABC. THEN go rant with your fellow fans. I can say from experience that once I get out my rants, I usually have no energy to then go write to people who can change it. And believe me, they can change it if enough people agree on a problem. That’s just something for everyone to think about. We are all fed up with the writing. But we have to remember not to blame the entire show. We don’t want it to fail. Address your issues with the show, and let them pinpoint the problem, and work to give you your show back. And if they still fail to do that, at least you won’t have any regrets should the show go under. You can’t say you didn’t try.

Now, I know many may not know what to say or how to address the mags or the people at gh. I would like to give a few ideas without getting into characters or stories.

One thing to always remember is to be calm and polite in your letters and emails, or your phone calls should you choose that route. More than likely, you aren’t speaking directly to a person who can change anything. But they are still an important part of the process. If you see rude, obnoxious, and use profanity, you probably are not going to get your message relayed. They’re just gonna think you’re another crazed soap fan. But someone calm and rational will come across as a fan who truly cares. Also important, don’t make your message all about bashing a certain character. Not effective. Just explain your conflict with their story, and their relationship with certain characters.

Now, what to write about. A couple of big problems I see personally with GH. Number 1, character assassination. If your favorites aren’t what they used to be, and have changed in a negative way, a way that makes you not really want to watch, write about it. Number 2, and most important, Respect! These writers willingly throw out the history an the core of a character, or a pairing just so they can switch things up for shock value. Write about this! Tell them you don’t need shock as much as you need good, balanced storylines. And a little bit of love in the afternoon. Its okay to use the phrase. It sounds corny, but it will strike a chord if enough people want it.

And one more thing. Always demand better. Let them know that you see loyal, and you want a little reward for that. If you’re gonna take time out of every single day, demand that you get something worth watching. NOT something shocking or that will “Change Port Charles Forever”. Tell them just to give you and every other fan what they want.

I hope this post will help some fans out. I know writing doesn’t sound fun. And there’s no guaruntee that it will change anything. But hey, there’s no guarantee that it won’t.


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